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AAA 2013 in Chicago!


From Marcy Brink-Danan, SAE Program Chair 2013:

The Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE) welcomes you to the 2013 American Anthropological Association meeting in Chicago. Following our 25th anniversary in 2012, this year’s program builds on our section’s celebrated strengths: international scholarship, mentorship and public anthropology. More information about SAE sponsored events can be found


The SAE 2013 panels address our discipline’s most central topics through the lens of research on Europe, Europeans and through comparison with other regions and networks linked to Europe. Though the SAE is a section of the American Anthropological Association, we value increased exchanges between our U.S. based members and those coming from abroad. In this vein, our 2013 panels are notable for their international composition and explicitly address how anthropological knowledge about Europe remains tied to national and linguistic traditions and particular intellectual genealogies. Particularly notable are our invited panels, whose organizers and participants bridge these boundaries and bring regional anthropological traditions together in surprising ways, such as a panel on “Reciprocal Anthropology,” in which French anthropologists researching America and American anthropologists working on France come into dialogue. Similarly, a panel comparing European “late-forming” families and those found in the Caribbean takes stock of changing kinship patterns in and beyond Europe. Volunteered panels address issues such as economic crisis management across Europe, football spectacles, colonial display in Belgium, ongoing experiences of marginality in and outside of Europe, forms of political protest from silence to self-immolation and more


the SAE roundtables, organized by Program Chair-Elect, Krista Harper, offer an excellent way to meet with top scholars and informally discuss issues such as urban art movements, audit culture, performative approaches to culture, food activism, health care and ethics and austerity and protest over a catered luncheon buzzing with conversation and debate. This year’s table hosts include: Mark S Ingram, Patty A Gray, Jonathan L Larson, Tracey Heatherington, Erin Koch, Valeria Siniscalchi and Carol Silverman. As in the past, we expect members across sections to benefit from the opportunity to engage with scholars who work on Europe and learn with and from them. Last year tables filled up quickly, so be sure to sign up online or onsite at the registration booth when you arrive in Chicago. Special rates for students!


The SAE is proud to promote a multiple forums for mentorship. In addition to supporting student writing and research through our graduate paper prize – whose four finalists will present their papers at a special panel – this year’s events increased networking opportunities and chances to learn from senior scholars include an offsite pub event for graduate students with experts from the publishing industry. The SAE invites graduate students studying anywhere and in any sub-discipline to join us for an evening of delicious food, craft brews and casual conversation about preparing and publishing academic books with Peter J. Potter (Editor in Chief, Cornell University Press) and Erin Koch (Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Kentucky and recent author). $25 includes dinner and drinks. Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 7:00pm at the Atlas Brewing Company (2747 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago). Email Jennifer Carroll, SAE Student Rep, at (jencarr2 AT to reserve your place.


Join us at the annual William A. Douglass Distinguished Lecture and reception on Saturday night at 6:30, free and open to all. This year’s invitee, Deborah Cameron of Oxford University, is best-known for work on language, gender and sexuality and communication anxiety in the United Kingdom and beyond. It is this final topic she will address in a talk entitled, “Verbal Hygiene after 9/11: Language, the State and the New European Racism.” Following the lecture, attendees are invited to a sponsored buffet and cash bar in honor of the speaker. This year’s lecture is co-sponsored by the Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA). If you aren’t yet familiar with Professor Cameron’s brilliant work, learn more here:

EUROPE IN CHICAGO: Saturday, November 23, 2013: 3:00 PM-6:00

Following up on the 2012 tour of “Italy in San Francisco,” this year the SAE hosts a tour of European neighborhoods and groceries in Chicago by van and on foot with local guide Evelyn Thompson, food expert. You will be met at the Chicago Hilton (meet at valet stand) and travel to Lincoln Square to visit German, Polish, Bosnian, and Georgian groceries. Fee: $35 Organizers: Katherine C Donahue (Plymouth State University) and Roland S Moore (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation). A great way to participate in the meetings without being confined to a windowless room! Register on the AAA Website after you have logged in.


Finally, the SAE Business Meeting will be on Saturday, November 23 from 12:15-1:30 PM. All SAE members and scholars interested in the anthropology of Europe are encouraged to attend.Feel free to email the program chair, Marcy Brink-Danan, with questions: [email protected]

See you in Chicago!