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Welcome to the new SAE homepage!

Welcome everyone to the new SAE website! Please spend some time browsing through the links and pages of the site and provide us with some feedback to make further improvements to the website. Below are just a few pointers on the new website.

The header image for the site will be changed periodically to show fieldwork images of other SAE members. We would like to thank Ariel Cascio for providing us with the wonderful image above.

As you may have noticed, the welcome page has become a sort of blog page where posts can be created. Any and all announcements that SAE members have should be posted on this page. Further, below each posts should be reply box for anyone who would like to leave a comment regarding the post.

For those of you who have fieldwork images that you would like to share, please send them our way by emailing our webmaster, Roland Moore- [email protected]

If you have any syllabuses that you would like to share regarding the Anthropology of Europe, feel free to send them our way and we will place them in the teacher resource section of the site.

Call for Papers:
112th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association,
Chicago, November 20-24, 2013




The SAE welcomes paper and poster session proposals for consideration at this year’s American Anthropological Association meeting in Chicago (November 20-24, 2013). The meeting theme, “Future Publics, Current Engagements,” offers anthropologists of Europe an opportunity to rethink disciplinary understandings of our interlocutors, informants, interests and international publics.

In celebration of SAE’s 25th anniversary, last year’s program successfully brought together scholars at many stages of their academic careers together to discuss common regional, disciplinary and scholarly concerns.

For the 2013 annual meeting, the SAE program chair is Marcy Brink-Danan ([email protected]). Please contact her with your ideas for invited sessions, innovents, papers or posters.  Krista Harper ([email protected]) is the program-chair elect and will be in charge of coordinating the SAE roundtable luncheon.

Drs. Brink-Danan and Harper are available to help develop your paper, poster, or roundtable sessions and assist in the development of program proposals. We highly encourage panels or other events that unite AAA sections and are suitable candidates for co-sponsorship. A list of deadlines follows below:

Paper/Poster/Roundtable Sessions – submit through the AAA website

SAE Invited Session Proposals – due March 15, 2013 online.

All Invited Session Proposals (paper or poster sessions) must include a session abstract of up to 500 words and information for all participants (including individual abstracts and any technical needs for your session). Submit through theAAA website. We highly encourage anyone planning to submit an invited session proposal to contact us ASAP, ideally by March 1. Decisions will be announced in early April.

SAE Sponsored Session Proposals – due April 15, 2013 online.

All sponsored session proposals must be submitted online by April 15, 2013. This includes all paper and poster sessions, roundtable proposals, and individual paper/poster submissions. Submissions must include a 500-word abstract, as well as individual abstracts for each participant (as necessary). Participants must abide by the AAA rules regarding roles, registration, and fees.

Installations – due April 15, 2013 online

through the AAA programming committee.

Installations (such as “InnoVents” and “Salons”) offer an alternative way of engaging with and presenting anthropological ideas to a wider public, often experimenting with form, participation structure and venue, holding programs off-site (but linked to the conference) or otherwise widening our potential audience base. If you have an idea for an Installation relevant to SAE’s goals, please contact the program chairs early.

ROUNDTABLES: if you would like to propose a topic for an SAE luncheon roundtable, please contact Krista Harper at [email protected]

Here is the AAA call for papers:

And here are links to information about the panel proposal and review process:

We would especially welcome proposals for posters, which is a format historically underutilized by section members. Posters are a particularly effective way of presenting visual data, or introducing preliminary research. They are displayed for 1 hr 45 minutes, allowing presenters to talk about their projects one on one with interested viewers.

Marcy Brink-Danan
SAE Program Chair

Krista Harper
SAE Program Chair-elect

A few other answers to frequently asked questions about AAA submission in general:

1) There are only two lengths for sessions: 1.75 hours and 3.75 hours.  All of the time slots within these sessions should be scheduled, although some can be labeled for discussion rather than papers each time slot is 15 minutes long.  Be sure to schedule a break in the 3.75 hour sessions. Old programs are a good resource; potential organizers can look back at sessions they liked from previous years to see how the presentations and discussions were slotted.

2) The AAA adheres to a very strict “one paper/one other role” rule.  A person can give one paper and be a discussant or be a chair. Organizer/chair counts as one role in the same session.

No exceptions; one paper plus one other role. Participation in special events like chairing a business meeting or leading a workshop are not included in this calculation.

3)  The organizer of a volunteered session MUST be clear in directing the session to a particular section for review, and the same goes for authors of volunteered papers. This matters–the directions will be followed.  If session organizers or authors are in doubt as to where their proposals will be best received, please contact all of the relevant section program editors for preliminary assessments before completing your submission. More work up front means less disappointment and a better overall program. It is also very important to take the question about “estimated size of audience” very seriously. There is direct cause and effect between the answer to this question and the selection of a room.

The organizer must check the progress of the session to make sure each participant registers and/or submits a paper/poster by April 15. If a participant role is incomplete -either by not registering or by not submitting an abstract-the participant will not appear as part of their session in the preliminary or final program.

5) All volunteered program submissions are due to the AAA on April 15, 5PM ET.

6) If a panel includes a non-anthropologist, this person may apply to have the Association membership waived but must still pay the meeting registration fee.  The non-member (not the organizer of the panel) can apply for the waiver when they go through the submission process.