Welcome everyone to the new SAE website! Please spend some time browsing through the links and pages of the site and provide us with some feedback to make further improvements to the website. Below are just a few pointers on the new website.

The header image for the site will be changed periodically to show fieldwork images of other SAE members. We would like to thank Ariel Cascio for providing us with the wonderful image above.

As you may have noticed, the welcome page has become a sort of blog page where posts can be created. Any and all announcements that SAE members have should be posted on this page. Further, below each posts should be reply box for anyone who would like to leave a comment regarding the post.

For those of you who have fieldwork images that you would like to share, please send them our way by emailing our webmaster, Roland Moore- rolandmo@pacbell.net

If you have any syllabuses that you would like to share regarding the Anthropology of Europe, feel free to send them our way and we will place them in the teacher resource section of the site.