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Uncertainty and Viral Emergencies in the Margins of Georgia

By Görkem Aydemir Anthropology News, March 24, 2021 For people from Gali, the lockdowns and unpredictability brought by COVID-19 are not new. Life in this liminal conflict zone has long been punctuated by border closures and crises. Since the start of the pandemic, the word “uncertainty” has become ever present in our lives. A convenient

Performance and Tradition in Italy

Singing with Pippa Bacca by Denise Lombardi and Rossella Grossoni   In noughties Italy, the Bubble Gum choir performed a liberatory counterimage of the feminine. Today, Bacca’s chorus breathes new life into the ensemble of characters and an impermanent but continuo art piece. Bubble Gum is an all-female choir founded by Pippa Bacca, a performance artist and

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