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2018 AAA Annual Meeting Paper and Panel Submissions

The Society for the Anthropology of Europe invites panel and paper submissions for the American Anthropological Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting, to take place this year November 14-18 in San Jose, California.

The program chair, Rebecca Bryant, along with program chair-elect, John Murphy, and student officer, Adam Kersch, are particularly keen to receive panel submissions under the theme “Europe’s Futures.” We are especially interested in receiving papers that engage with the current political moment in Europe and that consider implications for the European project. The AAA theme, “Change in the Anthropological Imagination: Resistance, Resilience, and Adaptation,” calls on us to explore the tremendous political, social, cultural, and economic upheaval underway across the globe and the varied responses it has generated. From Brexit to the migrant crisis to the Russian resurgence, Europe offers particularly fertile ground for considering this theme. As members of the program committee, we encourage papers that critically examine it from different angles and national contexts. All submissions are due by 3 p.m. EDT on Monday, April 16. Submissions must be started by 2 p.m. EDT on the same day.

SAE is able to invite two sessions, and we are also eager to co-sponsor with other sections to increase the number of invited sessions, as well as SAE visibility. Please write to us separately if you wish to submit an invited session, and particularly if you believe that your panel would be a candidate for co-sponsorship with another subsection (e.g., APLA, SAE, A&E).

Click here for more information about the submission process.

We also want to encourage you to think beyond traditional panels and to consider other forms of presentation, including group flash presentations and installations. The types of panels that may be submitted between now and April 16 are:

  • roundtables (standard and retrospective)
  • individually volunteered papers
  • group gallery (poster) sessions
  • individual galleries (posters)
  • group flash presentations
  • installations
  • workshops
  • mentoring events

Individual papers and volunteered sessions:
If you submit a paper individually, we will do our best to group it with other papers. However, this process depends on the other individually submitted papers that we receive. We will also be glad to circulate CFPs if you wish to organize a panel but do not have enough participants. If you wish to submit your panel for an invited session, please contact us in advance, particularly if you believe that it would be a contender for a co-sponsored session with another subsection. This will allow us to discuss co-sponsorship with the other section in advance of the deadline.

Rules & Policies:
Please keep in mind the AAA’s rule that participants may have only one major role and one secondary role. A major role is a presenter in a panel, roundtable, or installation, and a secondary role is serving as discussant on any other panel, roundtable, etc. There is no limitation on serving as organizer or chair. Please see the Annual Meeting Participation Rules and Policies.

We look forward to receiving your submissions, and please contact us if you have questions.