Our Previous Meetings and Program Chairs, 1988-2005

SAE Past Program Chairs

* 1986-1987 James Taggart
* 1988 William Douglass
* 1989 Linda Bennett
* 1990 Ellen Badone
* 1991 Robert Ulin –
* 1992 David Kideckel
* 1993 Uli Linke
* 1994 Thomas Wilson
* 1995 Alexandra Jaffee
* 1996 Jane Nadel-Klein
* 1997 Deborah Reed-Danahay
* 1998 Jeffrey Cole
* 1999 Winnie Lem
* 2000 Eva Huseby-Darvas

1988 Major addresses (pre-Distinguished Lecture)

* Carlo Ginsburg, “The Inquisitor as Anthropologist”
* Laurence Stone, “Money, Sex, and Murder in Eighteenth Century England: A Story and Its Meaning”
* Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, “Ethnic Minorities in the French Nation” [*cancelled]

1989 Inaugural Distinguished Lecture

* Ernest Gellner, “The European Roots of British Anthropology”


* Natalie Zemon Davis “Unsettling the Colonial Encounter: European Women in Seventeenth Century Quebec and Surinam.”


* Marilyn Strathern, “The Pursuit of Certainty”


* Joao de Pina-Cabral, “Mater Semper Certa: The Conditions for the Access to Paternity”


* Caroline Humphrey, “New Myths and the Dispossessed in Russia”


* Anthony P. Cohen, “Personal Nationalism: A Preliminary View of Some Rites, Rights and Wrongs”


* Orvar Lofgren, “The Nation as Home or Motel? On the Ethnography of Belonging and the Technologies of Intimacy”


* Tomas Hofer, “Globalized Natives and Ethnicized Researchers: Observations of a Marginal European”


* Judith Okely, “Anthropology’s Practice Brings Subject and Theory”


(*note: in some cases, individual roundtables have been cancelled due to either low enrollment or a last-minute inability of the table head to attend. The following is a list only of scheduled roundtables and does not reflect such cancellations)

1986 (Breakfast) James Taggart

* Stanley Brandes — Religion, Folklore and Ideology
* John W. Cole — Class, Culture and Political Economy
* Ernestine Friedl — Sex and Gender
* Jane Schneider — Historiography and Anthropology
* Katherine M. Verdery — Ethnicity and Regionalism

1987 (Breakfast) James Taggart

* Ruth Behar — The Family in Europe
* Linda Bennett — Challenges and Opportunities in Easter Europe
* James Fernandez — The Search for Identity: National, Regional, and Local
* George Saunders — Teaching the Anthropology of Europe
* Nancy Scheper-Hughes — Fieldwork Ethics in Europe\
* Bernard Wailes — The Archaeology of Europe

1988 (Breakfast) William Douglass

* David Gilmore — Class Relations
* Hans Buechler and Judith Buechler — Migration in Europe
* Ernestine Friedl –Women in Southern European Society
* William A. Douglass — Social Anthropology in Europe
* James Taggart — The European Folk Tale
* Carole Counihan — Food and Culture in Europe
* Jeremy Boissevain — Increase of Public Rituals in Europe

1989 (Breakfast) Frank Dubinskas

* Stanley Brandes — The Cultural Construction of Social Identity
* Jane Collier — Perspectives on “Modernization” in the Mediterranean
* St. Clair Drake — Race, Ethnicity, and Class in Europe
* Eugene Hammel — The Articulation of History and Ethnography in Europe
* Michael Herzfeld — Nationalism and Bureaucracy in Europe
* Gail Kligman — The Politics of Identity
* Jane Schneider — New Social Movements

1990 (Breakfast) Lawrence Taylor

* Joan Vincent — Local Culture and State Formation
* David Kertzer — The Crisis of Representation in European Communist Parties
* Caroline Brettell — Migration in Europe
* Jill Dubisch — Changing Cultural Constructions of Gender and Women’s Work
* Tanya Luhrmann — New Age Movements in Europe
* Carole Crumley — Region, Nation, History and the Meaning of Monuments
* Katherine Verdery — National and Ethnic Issues in the Eastern European “Transition to Democracy”

1991 (Breakfast) David Kideckel

* William Lockwood — European Gypsies
* Peter Allen — European Ethnographic Film
* Ernestine Friedl — The Mediterranean and Changing Europe
* Donald Pitkin — European Field Experience: Informant, Friend, Colleague, Alter Ego
* Ed Handen — I have the “Hots”: Higher Order Technical Skills and the New European Order
* Andrew Lass – Cultural Malaise in Eastern Europe

1992 (Breakfast) David Kideckel

* Ellen Badone — European Religion
* Linda Bennett — Potential Uses of Anthropology in Reconstructing Eastern Europe
* Susan Gal — Gender in Eastern Europe
* Paul Rabinow — European Modernities
* Robert Rotenberg — European Urban Landscapes
* Alan Feldman — The Post-Textual Body: Encountering the Victim in Northern Ireland

1993 (Breakfast) Thomas Wilson

* Caroline Brettell — Anthropology and History in European Ethnography
* Alexandra Jaffe — Language and Identity in Europe
* Gary McDonough and Cindy Wong — Screening Europe: Feature Films in Research and Class
* G. James Patterson — Images of Europe in the Minds of Immigrants
* Oriol Pi-Sunyer — Southern Europe and the New Immigration
* M. Estellie Smith — Urban Entities in the New Europe
* Marc Abeles — The Anthropology of National and International Political Institutions

1994 (Breakfast) Misty Jaffe

* David Kideckel — Capitalism and Culture in Eastern Europe
* Laszlo Kurti — European Popular Culture
* Susan Carol Rogers — Public Policy in Europe as Ethnographic Data
* Jill Dubisch — Religious Identity and the New Nationalism in Europe
* Sharon Stephens — Gender, Ethnicity and Political Activism in Contemporary Europe
* Douglas Holmes — European Right

1995 (Luncheon) Jane Nadel-Klein

* Lawrence Taylor — The Political Uses of Death
* Gary McDonogh and Cindy Wong — Images of Europe in Feature Films
* Gerald Creed — Mainstreaming (East) European Anthropology
* Robert Rotenberg –Landscape and Power
* M. Estellie Smith — The European Union: Is the State PassÈ?”

1996 (Luncheon) Deborah Reed-Danahay

* Karen Armstrong — Bringing Scandinavia into the Picture
* Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt — Cutural Production of the “Educated Person”
* Anthony Galt — H-SAE: Resources and Future Directions
* Peter Allen — Archaeological Film in/on Europe
* Joao de Pina Cabral — Popular Religion in Europe
* Carrie Douglass — Teaching Anthropology in Foreign Language Departments

1997 (Luncheon) Jeffrey Cole

* Ellen Badone — Pilgrimage in Europe
* George Saunders — Doing Anthropological Research in Italy: Practical and Scholarly Considerations
* Uli Linke — Racism and Racial Politics in Europe
* Diane Orourke — Life Course, Culture and Political Economy
* Thomas Wilson — Nationalism and European Integration
* Jane Schneider and Peter Schneider — Theorizing the Role of Clandestine Social Formations in European Political Economy: Mafias, “Secret” Fraternal Organizations, Covert State Activities

1999 (Luncheon) Eva Darvas

* Debbie Reed-Danahay–Time, Tempo, Tactics: Everyday Forms of Social Manipulation in Europe
* Sharon Roseman–The Anthropology of Authoritarian Regimes in Europe
* Bob Rotenberg–Trends in the Commodification of European Identity
* Katherine Verdery–New Issues in Post-Socialist Ethnography
* Marko Zivkovic–European Feature Film as Ethnographic Resource

2005 (Luncheon) Roundtables:

* Gregory Feldman (University of British Columbia) CULTURE, SECURITY, AND THE OTHER IN THE NEW EUROPE
* Jennifer Dickinson (University of Vermont) LANGUAGES, STATES, AND CITIZENS
* Jane Schneider (City University of New York) ZONE OF AMBIGUITY: CRIME AND CRIMINALIZATION